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Modern Contemporary Crockery Unit – Material and colour selection

Hey, good to see you again on my blog. As I have introduced the Ramkumar & Maithili’s home (Codename: RaMa) in Introduction blog, today I am going to make you all go through our material and colour selection journey.


As we have mentioned the challenge was to match the rest of the house which was done in grey and white, plus some wooden tones here and there got us to get the base of material selection. Also, they had done a combination of veneer and Duco in their TV unit, however for crockery unit they did not want to go for veneer so we had to choose a laminate that should give a look close to wood veneer.


So below were some of the pointers for material selection that we have got before material selection:

  • Use of grey to match with rest of the room
  • Duco can be used
  • Wood Veneer looking laminate
  • Solid surface countertop for crockery unit for easy maintenance
  • Use something that is trending


To address the above requirements, we set the base as modern-contemporary which is defined by clean-lines, minimalism and following current trends.


We tried to maintain clean lines and selected fluted glass and fluted panel and also it follows with the current trends. We avoided using curves and structures that depicts fluidity. Also, we had not used any handles so that it looks seamless.


 To keep it minimal we narrowed down to just two things wooden laminate and Duco finish in grey colour.


To break the monotony, we made use of checkered glass in between so that it gives the feel of expansion to whole area and creates interest.


Hence below is how our modern contemporary material board looked like.


We chose Merino laminate which is definitely trustworthy moreover it just gave the warmth of veneer that we needed and doesn’t feel like that it’s a laminate. You can make out the same in my next reveal post.


For now, let me explain a little bit about Modern-contemporary Interior theme. It is basically a mix of modern and contemporary interior design theme.      


Modern design can be characterized by some of the word such as simplicity, clean and crisp lines, a simple colour palette, use of materials such as metal and glass, minimal textures etc. A word that’s commonly describe modern style is sleek and there’s not a lot of accessories involved in modern style.


Below are some of the examples of modern designs. You can see how the colour and material palette has been kept simple. Accessories are also minimum, if needed just a masterpiece art has been used

However, a word that can be most suited for contemporary is “fluid” and can adhere to no particular style. Contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. The words that can characterize a contemporary style are smooth, clean geometrical shapes, simple and uncluttered. The furniture of contemporary style is usually upholstered and has exposed legs in general. A contemporary style home can be a quiet and comfortable retreat. Below are some of the examples of contemporary style.

Modern contemporary style gives an immense opportunity to give infinite combinations from these two design styles modern and contemporary. The common thing is to keep things simple and minimal. Also keep the colour palette neutral. Just go for things like clean and crisp lines and be fluid at some places. Use some furniture pieces which are modern made up of glass and metal and some furniture that is upholstered with exposed legs.  Below are some of the examples of modern contemporary homes.

I hope I am able to make you understand little bit about the modern contemporary style. Do let me know if this is useful for you!! I hope you can relate the same in the next blog post.


Remember to here to keep getting updates.


Until Then Take care and Keep learning!!


See you soon…

Megha Srivastava

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