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Contemporary Terrace with Zen factor Introduction

Hey… welcome again to the blog!! In this we will discuss regarding the making of contemporary terrace with a Zen Factor.


I have already introduced this space back in my first blog about this home. So, this was the second space that we were supposed to do to help our clients Ramkumar & Maithili (Codename: RaMa) to achieve their dream space.


So, brief that was given for this big terrace is to make it a space that calls for peace and tranquillity. They simply wanted a space where they can sit with the family to have some quality time. Secondly, they were plant lovers and need to manage many of the pots they have collected in time and want some way to organise it. And with so many pants definitely come plants maintenance supplies that needs to stored and organized One more thing RaMa wanted was a place to keep readymade Buddha statue.


Along with the functionality of the space we had to address the issue of privacy as this building is made in such a way that the above flat’s floor one window from living room looks down in the terrace of others flat.


First let me show you the existing floor plan (Technical term – Structural layout) of the space.

Existing Structural Layout

So, the terrace was 16’X11’ approximately. In this area there were no boundaries or restriction for going in some particular colour theme or follow any material palette as was in the earlier area Crockery unit.


Here we have full creative freedom. From the brief given by them we put our designer caps on and drawn towards the clues given by them

  • Greenery
  • Privacy
  • Storage
  • Easy to maintain
  • Peace & Tranquillity
  • Buddha


At first, we suggested them to have the turf on the whole flooring as they had builder given usual 2’X2’ tile with which they were not happy. Though it was a cost-effective option they wanted something low maintenance and durable because we know that turf requires regular vacuuming to keep the dirt away. So, then we suggested to go with tiles that is durable and low maintenance. We suggested to go for either patterned tile of wooden tiles. They immediately like wooden tile option. But to have area segregated nicely we suggested to go for tiles in 70% area and to give turf grass in rest 30% so as to get garden like feel. Below is the proposed structural layout.

Proposed Civil Layout

The next thing is to make the seating arrangement for the family to sit and spend time and also a place to accommodate planters, plant supplies and buddha.


So, we tried various options on the floor plan and below is the floor plan that has been finalized.

Floor Plan

So, as you can see we had given enough space to not only sit but one can lie down as well in a cold wintery morning with a nice cosy blanket. Also, below the seating we had given good storage so as to hold their plant supplies etc. We had provided a granite base for Buddha statue to give stability to the statue which we were not able to decide at that instant. So, we had given a base so as to just buy a Buddha statue and keep it there… Easy right!


Now the next step was to handle the privacy issue. We decided to go for false ceiling but did not want a big block on top as it may feel claustrophobic. So, we thought of doing two combination one with giving a block ceiling and other to give a plank ceiling. You can make out from the below false ceiling diagram.

False Ceiling Dimension layout with light fitting

Choosing appropriate material was important as this was outside area and material has to be environment friendly. We used wooden PVC ceiling and made planks of Gypsum (to be cost effective as pure wood is really costly). Also, we planned lights in such a way that it creates proper ambience and highlights particular area at any given point of time.


Next, we made different layouts such as electrical layout, light position layout etc. Attaching them here for reference.

Light Position Layout
Electrical Layout

Pro tip and one of the most important tips for an Interior Designer for lifetime is while doing interior technical drawings just remember one thing “Detailing is Everything” the more detailed your drawings are, the easier your life will be later. Just give details of each and every wall and for whatever thing possible such as dimensions, text, give index, mention materials used, etc. Also, to let you know this is one of the Brand values of Allure Interiorz “Attention to Detail”.


We do detail for all the four walls in a room. For now, I am sharing just one wall elevation for your reference and then we will jump to the other interesting part.

Front Elevation Wall 1

Below you can see all the details with dimensions so that things become easy on site. This is the kind of practise we do for all our projects at Allure.

Front Elevation Wall 1 with dimensions

So, I was talking about the interesting part to come and that definitely is moodboard and colour palette. According to me, in Interior Designing every small bit is important in the whole designing process… you have to wear many different caps… you have to be a good listener so as to get clear requirements… you have to be technically strong to see those niticrities that could turn into a big problem if ignored… you have to learn to manage your team (Contractors, vendors etc.)… you should have good colour and material sense else it has the capability of making or breaking a space… you should be updated with market trends.. and seriously the list is very long and we will go off from the topic.


So below is the mood board for this space. We wanted to use wood and neutral tones as much as possible so that it brings warmth to the outdoor space.


In the next blog we will talk about the material and colour palette and will also share the 3D with you. Remember to here to keep getting updates.


Until Then Take care and Keep learning!!


See you soon…

Megha Srivastava

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